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**There is no charge for this event, but donations are welcome. Registration is required to secure your spot due to limited space and the nature of this work.**

Meditation, Sound, and Shaktipat specifically for people seeking spiritual evolution, this is the best way to support and accelerate the integration of your gross and subtle bodies to the transformational changes that accompany spiritual growth.
Anyone who is on a spiritual path recognizes the changes and challenges that accompany expanding consciousness. It affects EVERY aspect of our body and life, which is all made up of energy.
Anandi utilizes a specific combination of therapeutic grade essential oils, mantra, sound, natural meditation, and energy transmission to clear static energy and align the energy centers in the body for your unique journey in a way that is gentle and beneficial for each individual.
Support your spiritual evolution and promote ease of transition with this unique offer of healing meditation. Space is very limited due to the nature of this work, so please register in advance to secure your spot.

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